Geokos A&A is a private company, specialized in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. Our scope of work includes field investigations, boring, material laboratory testing, and geotechnical consulting and design. Operating in Kosovo and Albania, our company analyzes the physical and mechanical properties of soil and rock in order to determine the most effective plan to build in those conditions. Our modern boring rigs, field testing equipment, and accredited laboratory ensures the integrity of test results, determination of soil and rock parameters, and enable us design solutions for different structures, roads, bridges, etc. Geokos A&A has the experience, knowledge, and technology to investigate soil conditions, understand how they will react to a structure, recommend and design foundations, and monitor earthwork. Soil investigation starts by drilling and field testing. Samples are tested in our accredited laboratory, and results are interpreted by our qualified and experienced engineers. Correspondingly, we often engage local and international experts in the fields of Geology and Geotechnology for performing projects in this field.







Our Company


GEOKOS A&A was set to play an important role in the field of geotechnical, geological, and hydrological investigations in Kosovo and the region. We gained the leader position by providing excellent services to our clients, creating a comfortable environment of work, and keeping healthy and long term relationships with our cooperators. Our mission is to provide services that satisfy our client requirements and conform to European technical standards.


By joining capital, professional, and managerial skills, Geokos A&A aims to provide excellent services in the field of geotechnical and geological investigations. Continuous improvement and keeping up with the latest technology and information is essential for the growth and development of a modern engineering firm. We define excellence as the ability to understand your clients needs, addressing them properly, and re-examining the work so we can continuously improve our services.


Geokos A&A started in 1993, as a private business with 4 employees and equipped with a drilling machine GDR-150. We have worked on hydrological research and drilling of wells for water supply needs for individual and collective facilities. In 2000 we started working for different Non-Government Organizations. In 2002 we were registered from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure as N.N.SH. “Geokos A&A” as a business that develops activities in the field of geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological research and drilling of wells for individual and collective water supplying. During this period we invested in personnel, drilling machinery and accompanying equipment. Since 26.09.2005, we have continued our operations as a partnership named N.N.SH. “Geokos A & A” and based on the demand, we decided to buy the geotechnical laboratory. Our laboratory equipment and software are purchased from the well-known companies: CONTROLS from Italy and Willie-Geotechnic from Germany. We have been completing laboratory continuously. Geokos A & A is accredited by Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Certified by by Bureau Veritas with EN ISO 9001:2008