Site Investigation and Drilling Service

During site investigation, we obtain information about the geology of the site, including information about the soil strata, hydrological conditions, etc. Soil is then sampled and sent to our laboratory for testing.

Geotechnical in Situ Testing

To obtain the geotechnical properties of soil, field-testing is needed to compliment laboratory data. Geokos A&A possess equipment and technology for field testing which include Cone Penetration Test (CPT), Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Dynamic Penetrometer Light (DPL), Dynamic Penetrometer Super Heavy (DPSH), Static Plate Bearing Test, Sand Cone Test, etc.

Soil Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing is an integral part of the geotechnical investigation process. Physical and mechanical properties of soil are obtained in order to serve for geotechnical design.

Geotechnical Consulting and Design

N.N.SH. Geokos A&A also provides geotechnical consulting for different projects. Our consulting experience includes a wide range of buildings, structures, transportation-related projects, and more. We have provided foundation consulting for over ten years for new industrial and residential objects, determining the most appropriate foundation types with the lowest cost. Geokos A&A also provides consultancy for existing objects, evaluating the stability of the soil and foundations. We monitor slope stability and groundwater level. We offer consulting and design services for different projects. Our expertise includes shallow and deep foundation, excavation support systems, retaining walls, etc.