Site Investigation

Site Investigation

Our company provides services in site investigation. We are able to obtain information about the geology of the site including information on the soil strata, groundwater table, and determine the ideal conditions of structure foundations.

Drilling Services

N.N.SH. Geokos A&A possesses machinery for investigative work in the field, drilling boreholes, and other accompanying equipment. We drill boreholes in diameter 147-76mm, perform in-situ testing, and recover disturbed and undisturbed samples from different depths to test them in our geotechnical laboratory.

Our company is specialized in:

  • Geological investigations with engineering character
  • Hydrogeological investigations
  • Drilling in all rock and soil formations
  • Obtaining distributed and undistributed soil samples

  • Installing equipment for groundwater monitoring
  • Periodic measurement and interpretation of data
  • Topographical Surveying with GPS in the construction site
  • Construction Monitoring