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Geokos A&A operates in Kosovo, Albania, and region, offering geotechnical services.

Our scope of work includes field work, geotechnical drilling, field testing, geotechnical laboratory testing, geotechnical consulting and design. We operate in Kosovo, Albania, and the region. Our team analyzes the physical and mechanical properties of soils and rocks in order to determine the most effective conditions to build. Modern drilling and testing equipment, and our accredited laboratory ensures the integrity of test results, accurate determination of rock and soil parameters, and enables us to find solutions to build the foundations of various structures.

Since our establishment, we have provided geotechnical services for various projects, including various commercial, industrial, residential, etc. structures. Our experience in design and consulting includes foundations, retaining wall systems, etc.

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Accreditation from DAK

Geokos A&A is accredited with SK EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 standard in the field of geotechnical testing.

Certification from Bureau Veritas

Geokos A&A is certified with the ISO 9001/2015 standard for the management system of the geotechnics laboratory.