Geokos A&A offers geotechnical consulting services for various projects. We have been providing foundation consultancy for over twenty years for industrial, residential, and commercial facilities in order to determine the most favorable funding conditions for the lowest price.

One of our main services in the field of geotechnics is geotechnical consulting. We offer specialized and personalized tips to our clients in Kosovo and Albania, focusing on the specific needs of each project.

Geotechnical consulting is important to ensure that your project is sustainable and safe from geotechnical perspective. With a specialized team of geotechnical engineers and advanced equipment, we offer fundamental tips in issues such as land quality and stability, landslide risk, and other risks.

We accept various projects from all areas of construction and infrastructure, including new construction, construction projects, road rehabilitation, hydrological projects and many more. To this end, we use a wide range of recent methods and technologies, providing a high level of accuracy and reliability in our consultations.

In geotechnical consulting, we are committed to providing personalized and accurate consultations, based on our experience and expertise in the field of geotechnical engineering. If you need professional advice for your project, we are ready to help you in the most effective and efficient way possible.